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Environmentally Friendly Treatments Because You Care ! tm

Why Choose Environmentally Friendly Pest Control?

Because it makes sense for Us;

Our Families,

Our Pets,

The Earth we stand on,

The Air We breathe and

The Water We drink. tm

It goes without saying that many insects and rodents have the ability to cause severe damage to us and our property.

Bio Tech Pest Controls offers safer treatments and managed control to eliminate or reduce pest problems with the least impact upon our environment and the most safety for You.

Bio Tech Pest Controls:

never have and never will use the toxic chemical pestcides that other pest control companies and exterminators use.

We value You and Our Environment too much.

Safe, natural effective products are available it just takes more thoght to use them. Why risk Yourself and Your family's welfare with chemicals that kill bees, affect the unborn child, cause cancer and child development.

It's just not worth it.

Don't be fooled by the so called ECOFriendly companies they are generally using the same old chemicals and driving trucks with green paint.

Always ask to see the MSDS.

And, remember when they tell you their products are EPA registered, remind them so are Cyanide, Arsenic and Dynamite.

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